Tortilla Making Division

    Job creation

    Job creation through production of corn tortillas.

    We have a division specialized in working with customers that work in the tortilla’s business.
    This division offers experienced technicians and a training school to teach and support our
    customers in the production of high quality tortillas.

    The department’s objective is to help them obtain income through teamwork with our collaborators as part of our social responsibility, to create better living conditions, employment generation and workforce development.

    Today, the corn tortilla is the base for the Hondurans population daily diet. For this reason, its marketing provides an opportunity for a meaningful participation in the national market.

    Our supply chain benefits at each point with strategic alliances that make us more competitive among other flour mills.
    You can now have your own business making corn tortillas.

    Why corn tortillas?
    Because it is a safe and profitable business. According to studies, in our country, each person consumes 27 corn tortillas per week.

    How to do it?
    You can start your business with equipment designed by IMSA to produce the best tasting tortillas using the best corn flour, SELECTA.

    And also…
    We offer you a complete and comprehensive payment plan to buy your equipment.
    Benefits of a tortilla made with SELECTA corn flour:
    – Preserves the traditional smell of tortillas.
    – Is softer, fresh and tasty.
    – Tortillas that do not break.

    Artisanal Machine

    Artisanal Machine


    To meet the needs of small businesses, we have craft machines placed on a tripod or a table depending on the customer’s need. These machines are developed in IMSA using strong and durable materials for everyday use.

    This equipment is designed for easy handling and operation. All parts are water resistant for easy cleaning.

    With efficient use of the machine, up to 300 corn tortillas per hour can be produced. Also, each machine is equipped with two cutters to produce two different sizes and thicknesses of tortillas according to the client’s need.

    Industrial Machines

    Industrial Machines


    We offer several models of Industrial tortilla making machines with a capacity of 3,240 through 6,200 corn tortillas per hour. Our machines use a 2 HP motor, resulting in low energy consumption.

    Its operation is quiet and efficient. The machines are built in stainless steel, providing a beautiful and clean look. Only 1 person is needed to operate these machines.




    We have different models and sizes of mixers to achieve a more efficient and hygienic manufacturing of corn tortillas.
    We offer two types of mixers: manual and electrical.